Motocross Videos

I’ve started this site out of my passion for all things motocross. Motocross videos is a place where you will be able to find all sorts of content ranging from motocross videos (as the name of the site implies) to articles covering topics like equipment, maintenance, insurance, bikes themselves. So you can count on seeing a lot of interesting content at motocross videos. What makes us special is that all of our content is written by people who actually ride, spend time on the track and know a thing or two about motocross. Also we will constantly add videos and image galleries from our own track racing and casual riding to motocross videos, so that even those who don’t have a motocross bike (yet!) can enjoy and become even more enthusiastic about the sport.

If you’re just looking for motocross videos like track racing, jumping and so on you will be able to find those as well, we will make a weekly poll and also have editor picks of the best motocross videos (in our opinion of course), so that even people who aren’t actually interested in learning about motocross will be able to find motocross videos of all sorts on this site.

As I mentioned previously I started motocross videos out of my passion for the sport, but the sport itself isn’t what interested me originally. Motocross is cool because it is dangerous, extreme and in my opinion because it isn’t a team sport. You’re a lone fighter on the track, you push your body to the limits of what it can handle and every second counts in the struggle to win.

You might wonder why I name this site motocross videos, one might think
“There are so many better names than motocross videos”. I named it motocross videos because I first got interested in motocross through videos and the more I watched them the more I wanted to ride myself. Specifically the two motocross videos (though one of them is enduro, but it counts) that made me really love it are the documentary Tougher Than Iron – The Enduro at Erzberg 2008

and this one about James Stewart

We are always looking for ways to improve our site and grow so if you have any suggestions on how to improve motocross videos please feel free to send them to us using the contact form.