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250cc Dirt Bikes – Best For Racing or Not?

If you are thinking of using the 250cc dirt bikes for a racing season, you have made a good decision. These bikes have just enough power to win the races. The bikes come in both two and four strokes and we decide on the one we want to purchase. If you are going to race with a 250cc dirt bike, you need to find out whether they allow a two stroke or a four stroke bike. AMA approved tracks only allow the four stroke dirt bikes that fall under the 250cc class. Most of the people, who do race, choose to go with the four stroke bike, but some are trying to bring back the two stroke series as well. Honda has discontinued some of its two stroke dirt bikes, and they have increased production on the four stroke.

Let’s have a look at both the two stroke and four stroke dirt bikes and see what the advantages and disadvantages are for each one. If you consider a four stroke dirt bike with the same exact displacement as a two stroke, you may think that it may not be up to the challenge, but that is not the case. The bike production department of all the major companies have done their fair share of research in building their bikes. So, a four stroke dirt bike with 250cc would still be up to the challenge. If you have a two stroke, 250cc bike, you will need to use more of your energy towards the bike. With a four stroke, you have to do less work and as it are a bit more powerful. You will really get to see the power of the four stroke bike when the ground is very rough. It does not necessarily mean that the four stroke bike is much faster than the two stroke bike.

Two stroke dirt bikes are meant for less rugged surfaces and grounds. They are a little more fun to drive around in because of the larger top end and they are a bit faster at times as well. The horsepower difference in the two stroke 250cc dirt bikes surely does make up for everything. The two stroke 250cc bikes have a much smaller center of gravity, which makes it possible to get a better handle of the bike. What the two stroke bike does not have is the amount of traction that the four stroke bike has on rugged surfaces. Two stroke is certainly a better dirt bike, but that’s only true if the track is in good condition overall. If the track is very rough on the bike, you better get a four stroke 250cc dirt bike.